Giving: Supporting Excellence in Education

Eight Reasons to Give

Investments in The Alliance make an impact on the lives of future business and community leaders. With a comprehensive menu of program options, tax-deductible contributions to The Alliance can be directed to the areas of greatest need including student scholarships, the Matched College Savings Program (MCSP) – to aid underrepresented students with limited financial resources, and access and attainment programming, among other options. Your contribution is needed and your contribution makes an impact.


Why Donate to The Alliance?

Your donation benefits Oregon’s economy:

  • From institutional budgets and spending to employee wages to work-study employment, the private, nonprofit higher education sector represents a $2.87 billion impact.
  • Alliance colleges and universities save taxpayers money. They receive less than 1% of Oregon’s post-secondary education appropriations, including the Oregon Opportunity Grant.
  • Out-of-state students at Alliance institutions bring more than $576 million into Oregon each year in direct college and local spending.
  • The combined budgets of Oregon’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities are nearly $915 million, employing nearly 8,600 faculty and staff.


Your donation benefits students and their future:

  • 92% of first time, first year students receive financial aid, with an average private grant and scholarship award of $19,000 per student. Without this support, many of these students would be forced elsewhere.
  • Oregon’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities have the highest four and six-year graduation rates in the state, saving families money in tuition and fees and giving students a head start in their career.


Your donation is well-managed to ensure the greatest impact:

  • The Alliance’s staff has extensive experience in the administration of scholarships and other directed-giving programs ensuring responsible management of all contributions.
  • Since 1950 over $50 million has been contributed to The Alliance to benefit Oregon’s private higher education sector.

Become a Financial Master

And earn special achievements along the way.